Al Capone First Trailer: Tom Hardy's notorious gangster is diseased but deadly in Florida


Tom Hardy plays the legendary Al Capone in the new film from director Josh Trank! It wasn't an act. His brain was riddled with syphilis.  He was quite insane at this time of his life, gonna be hard to top Stephen Graham's portrayal, though this is a completely different incarnation given the timeline of the story.

This trailer got Johnny Depp's "Black Mass" vibe written all over it, which I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, I guess we'll see. Black Mass was the first and last movie of its kind. You will never see another till you see another one. Like I said in an earlier comment, Black Mass was beautifully Dark.

One of the most ruthless and most deadly gangsters is finally landing on the big screen at long last thank u very much for this my friend. The scenes in which he's surrounded by bodies don't actually look real. Maybe this is more a psychological thriller about an old Capone reflecting back on the life he's chosen? It could be an interesting angle if executed correctly.

Tom Hardy is one of the best actors in show business and he does look like the real Al Capone in this film. Excellent choice. When will this be released and where can it be found?

So this movie went from being called Cicero to Fonzo to Capone? Should have just been Capone, to begin with. And it's about time this thing is being released. I remember hearing about this project back in 2012!


Matt Dillon will play the Villain in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as John Walker / us Agent not Wyatt Russell and on the poster of the film Capone write from Director Josh Trank films Point of murder (TV series), Chronicle, Fantastic four. Why didn't you choose 20th century Fox or circle Light pictures?

This looks great! I'm getting a "Black Mass" vibe from this trailer. I'm happy to see Josh Trank is back, too. Hopefully, this film will redeem him, as he's a promising director, in my opinion. Plus, Tom Hardy is an excellent choice to portray Capone; the guy can do no wrong.

I waiting for this movie for years, can't wait! But the title is Fonzo?

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