PNC Bank:Online banking struggles as people check for coronavirus stimulus checks

According to CNET so, much online banking such as PNC Bank, chase bank and capital one bank struggles as peoples check with them for coronavirus stimulus checks and they reported about that are set to hit accounts. see our Frequently Asked Questions about topic-Online banking struggles as people check for coronavirus stimulus checks- right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

one of citizen Americain posting on twitter Account AskCapitalOne: I cannot access my accounts online. I've been trying for a few hours. Keep getting a message that there is a 'snag'. Is there an ongoing problem with the online service?

But the reply was by AskCapitalOne: Thank you for reaching out! We apologize for the inconvenience. Some customers may be temporarily experiencing issues accessing online and mobile accounts. We are working to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

Another one from the USA "already received a payment. My family members that live in a different part of California have also received theirs."

What if you don’t have the same bank account you got your taxes in 2018? The best solution is ou have to go online and put your new info. Or the check will be mailed.

What if your first job was in 2020 can I still get it? in this case, the only way to track the payment is if the tax return has already been processed either for 2018 or 2019.

One of the people checks for coronavirus stimulus checks says: The app is launched now. I needed to change my bank account. I put all my information and the system showed a message they couldn't determine I am eligible for payment at this time. I am eligible.....What am I supposed to do now...?

I put my information in and the system says they could not determine my eligibility at this time. I file my taxes every year (have them done professionally). What is up with the tool?

I think the app name is wrong ? I think it called to get my refund, however, I’m really not sure but I tried to find that app and I couldn’t.

Is the link working for finding my stimulus payment?

Yeah, According to CNET confirmed that by posted new news says: "Banks including Chase, Capital One, PNC Bank, US Bank, and Navy Federal, as well as the app Cash App, have all reported outages or access issues on Twitter support pages or their websites. Web outage monitoring site Down Detector also shows a spike in outages for these and other online banking services." source/