US investigates possibility Covid-19 originated in Chinese lab

According to CNN News CNN's David Culver reports on the latest regarding China's transparency related to the origins and spread of COVID-19. President "I take no responsibility" is once again, putting up a thinly veiled smoke-screen to deflect from his own incompetence

CNN jumping on the bandwagon now that this was created in a lab even though every credible expert says it's zoonotic. China's early mismanagement causing one to two weeks of delay. US two months plus mismanagement and delay? Blaming is easy, saving lives is tough.

Anyone with a brain knows it's just a distraction. I doubt they will even do any real investigation. They would have already done it if there is really a high possibility

Finally, the world knows the truth the crime has been solved coronavirus was genetically engineered by Chinese communist scientists in Wuhan's top-secret lab. Please check Cambridge COVID19 Genome Study, and do not try to deflect blames by baseless accusation.

Why is this what we're focusing on right now? There always has to be a finger pointed at someone... we'll have plenty of time to do that once this has blown over. The most important thing that everyone should be doing right now is continuing to care for the people.

China has long known the Virus was from one of their labs. They can never be trusted. They will pay big time for the murders they have inflicted on the world. They need to be brought to trial. This was an act of WAR.