Best 9 Of The Most Popular Cosplay Characters

For those of you who really did not know, the cosplay is when you wear a character from a TV show, movie, video game or book. It's a very popular thing especially in comedy conferences all over the world. Since they are popular, we are pretty much obliged to keep you informed of what is good and what is not good. Although you can play almost every fictional (or really non-fictional) cosplay role you can think of, here are the most popular female cosplay characters. Or young people looking for a costume challenge. I will not judge.

Harley Quinn

From classic Harley comic book to Suicide Squad Harley, there are plenty of fashion options for Joker right-handed women.

The catwoman

Tempting cat is very popular because you can get skin everywhere these days. Unfortunately, the outfit turns from "seductive" to "cheap" very quickly.

Wonder woman

While DC characters in general - apart from Batman - have not been very popular for a few years, the increased quality of their films has boosted their popularity in cosplay.

Daenerys Targaryen

With Game of Thrones being publicity, it wasn't hard to imagine Daenerys on this list.

Princess Jasmine

While Aladdin is not the most popular choice for males, Yasmin is very popular for women.

A movie

When it's time to bring Scooby Gang together, you can't go wrong with a cosplay movie.

Princess Lea

It has been a popular choice since that outfit from the return of the Jedi. You know the person.

Wednesday Addams

The smartest and most destabilizing of the Adams family, as well as a very easy to wear range.


Since this piece requires only a few threads and some shells for the top part, it is a very inexpensive cosplay costume. No wonder it's so popular!