The 10 Best Models and Celebs

Have you ever watched a runway show or looked at a fashion magazine and thought "It's beautiful but who can wear this far from these models?" Well the answer - celebrities. Well, some very rich people can afford it. But this is the thing, most of the time you need a great occasion to wear some of these costumes. It's not like you're going to Starbucks in a designer dress. It will be such waste. So celebrities celebrate their perfect proportions and wear these dresses for all kinds of events and red carpets. But this is a question I have been wondering for some time. Who Wears These Dresses Better - Fashion Models or Celebrities? Let's take a look, right?

1. Blake Lively 

This is difficult to determine for a completely different reason. But Blake Lively looks amazing!

2. Zendaya 

It's really hard to know who wore it better in this game. Both the model and Zendaya look amazing in this dress from the Spring 2018 Couture collection.

3. Gal Gadot 

This pretty floral dress from Couture Spring 2016 collection looks a little better on model than it is in Gal Gadot, but only because Gal Gadot chooses to appear next to the very dark Batman brand. We are sure that if she wore it on a summer day it would look a thousand times better.

4. Jennifer Lopez 

J Lo Rocks is totally this yellow dress from the Fall 2015 Haute Couture collection, better than the model. She sank the model, while J Lo looks very charming and bright. To be realistic, this dress was for those with curves and J Lo is the perfect candidate.

5. Dua Lipa 

This soft pink dress from Couture Spring 2018 collection looks very different in model from its appearance in Dua Lipa, right? I mean it looks pretty innocent and fun in the model, but does Dua Lipa make it look a bit sexy, or is that it?

6. Lily Collins 

Let's just say Lily Collins brings this dress to life. It looks amazing on a model, but is very similar to a Barbie doll dress that you don't even know how to go about. Lily Collins looks stunningly elegant, elegant and somewhat easy? She just looks like Cinderella in the modern era.

7. Gigi Hadid 

The model wearing this dress from the Couture Fall 2016 collection was designed with a belt and hat, but Gigi chose to wear it with heels, without a belt and loose waves from Hollywood. An elegant option, Gigi, but does it look better on the model? Kinda. But only because we prefer the steepest style he has chosen on the runway.

8. Chrissy Tejen 

Difficult to choose with this. Both Chrissy and the model look cool in this Spring 2015 Couture Collection dress and Chrissy's design is exactly the same. Even her hairstyle looks similar to the model. Let's just say that they both took off this look really well.

9. Christine Bell 

Kristin Bell is too short to wear floor-length dresses like this. Sure, I designed it specifically for its length, and it looks so pretty in it, but this is one of the times we think the model looks better in it. Maybe if it is knee length or not as Christine will win.

10. Sarah Sampaio 

While they were really trying to get an edgy look with the model, it still looks a bit off. Sarah Sampaio, however, made this dress really suit her, as she showed those perfect long legs. Looks amazing, don't you think?