Immigration to Canada and obtaining an employment contract

To enter Canada, you need an employment contract from a Canadian company that entitles you to obtain a visa that gives you the right to permanent or temporary residence.

There are thousands of job opportunities in various disciplines. All you have to do is apply, search for jobs that fit your major or area of ​​expertise, and apply to work in Canada.

After submitting your CV and qualifications, you can choose the job or job that suits you. You must accurately record your qualifications and personal information so that the employers contact you. If you have the confidence of an employer and he wants to hire you, he can send you a promise to work that you can submit to the Canadian embassy in your country to obtain a work visa in Canada.

Rights of foreign workers in Canada:

Canadian laws protect every worker in Canada, including foreign workers. Foreign workers in Canada have the right to:

Canada and obtaining an employment contract

To get paid for their work.

The workplace should be safe and meet the safety requirements.

Keep their passport or work permit.

The right to be treated well as Canadian workers without discrimination.

An employer cannot penalize or deport a foreign worker for contacting the Labor Standards Office.

Federal labor and employment laws cover:

Federal government.


Companies that transport goods between provinces.

Telecom companies and most companies are owned and operated by the federal government.

Foreign workers have the right to call or visit these offices;

 To find your local office, see regional employment standards offices.

Most other professions are regulated by county and territory laws. Each county or territory has an office that deals with labor and employment laws, which can provide information about fair pay, hours of work, breaks, and working conditions.

If you have an accident at work, speak to your supervisor immediately. See a doctor if you need medical help. Most provinces and territories offer workers compensation benefits. Workers' compensation plans give you (Medicaid or wage benefits) if the job causes you injury or if your job causes illness. Your employer is not allowed to take any money from your salary because you are not working due to a work accident.

Wanted jobs and professions in Canada :

Retail sales supervisors.

University professors and lecturers in scientific and engineering disciplines.


Account auditors and accountants.

Graphic designers.

Interactive Media Developers.

Stock analysts and specialists in financial and investment analysis.

Computer engineers and programmers.

Jobs for computer and internet software engineers and information systems analysts.

Supervisors of services related to food and cooks.

The Canadian government may require a certain period of experience in some of these required jobs.